Okay but like

Who are you?

No, really.

Who are you?

Yeah, I’m pretty

I already know that

I don’t need you to tell me

And even if I didn’t know

How lovely I am

You telling me

Doesn’t mean 

You get to stick your tongue down my throat

Or put your hands on my waist

Or grab me by the wrist and pull

Like my body belongs to you and not me

What gives you the right?

Your so-called masculinity?

That tissue-fragile social construct

That’s ripped and shredded

By things like

Pastel colors

And flower crowns

And kindness?

That peach-soft ideology

That’s bruised by

Soft tears of emotion

And showing you care

And choosing conversation 

Instead of violence?

Nice ass!

You yell

As I walk on by

In my little yellow shorts

Yes it is a nice ass

But do not yell that at me in the street

Do not make me terrified

That if I don’t respond

Or respond in anger

My safety is negligible

Do not make me scared

That if I’m unhappy

To have a stranger

Reduce my existence to nothing but body parts

My life is in danger

You drive past while I’m walking down the street

Slow down

And back up

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Do you not realize how frightening that is?

Do you not realize

My first thought is

Oh god oh god oh god I might be about to die

My second thought is

Is there anyone around to hear if I scream?

My third thought is

I hope he doesn’t hurt me if I don’t want to give him

My name

My number

A smile

I hope he doesn’t hurt me 

If I say no

I have every right to say no

I don’t have to be interested in you

Just because you’re interested in me

I don’t have to be attracted to you

Just because you’re attracted to me

I don’t have to want to have sex

Just because you want to have sex

My body is mine

My mind is mine

My desires are mine

And they have nothing to do with you

Unless I want them to

I have the right to say no

And you do not have the right 

To try and force me to say yes

You think you have every right 

And I don’t understand why because

What gives you the right?

What makes you think you can have my body

If I don’t want to give it?

You have no right 

That justifies coercion and intimidation

Who are you?

An astronaut, a lawyer, a CEO

A teacher, a movie star, a pro sports player

A billionaire, a senator, an engineer

A father, a brother, a son

A president 

A man

You’re just a man and

Just being a man does not give you the right

To do anything you please

Just having a penis 

Does not mean you can stick it wherever you want

If you really need to relieve some pressure

You have the internet and a hand

Who are you?

In the grand scheme of things

You are nothing

No one