This always happens

I always want somebody

Who doesn’t want me

I always love somebody 

Who doesn’t love me

Who doesn’t want to know me


The parts that make me tick

What drives me forward

What stops me in my tracks

Even though

I want to know them


Rejection hurts

It makes me tired and sad

And I don’t want to be 

Either of those things

I want to be happy 

And energetic

And I want to feel loved

Good god do I want to feel loved

I want to have someone

I don’t doubt

Someone I can lean on

Someone who gives me strength

I have a friend

That is my soulmate

And a friend

That is my older sister

And a friend

That I have giggle fits with

And a friend

That I can talk to 

For eight straight hours

And I still want

To be friends with you


And you still don’t want me

At all