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Honestly, I’ve never been able to consistently keep a journal before, so I have no idea how I’m going to manage a blog. However, I have a lot of thoughts to express and my ultimate goal is to share words with the world.

Reading and writing have always been the ways I relate to the world. I hope to connect with others by sharing my passions. Primarily through books and stories, but also what I’m watching, studying, and listening to. I want this blog to be an expression of my journey through life both as a writer and an ever-evolving human being.

I’m not quite sure what kind of voice I’ll be going for here. I’m interested in a lot of different things, and I tend to switch between favorite topics with relative ease and frequency. At the moment, the study of tarot has captivated me.

I started on my tarot journey about a month ago and I’ve already noticed such a change in my life. I feel proud of the connection I’ve developed with my cards, though I’m still working on recognizing all of the cards and their meanings on sight. I have been journaling since my first reading, and I would like to share my tarot journey from the beginning.

My imagination is always full to bursting. I don’t know whether I will be able to accomplish everything I would like to accomplish with this blog, but I hope that if I work a little at it every day, eventually this blog will truly exemplify me as a person and as an author.

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