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Magnus walked in, spotting Alexander immediately. He fully expected his boyfriend to turn to him as he always did, but Alec continued pacing back and forth. It took Magnus a moment to realize that Alec was lecturing his wayward parabatai. If anything would distract Alec from all else, it would be his parabatai being irresponsible and endangering himself and others.

Magnus crossed his arms in irritation, aware that it would probably be several minutes until he could claim his hello kiss. He raised an eyebrow when Jace caught his eye and gave him a pleading look. Jace’s eyes flicked to Alec. Magnus frowned in confusion. Jace’s eyes widened and he mouthed, ‘Distract.’

Magnus gave him an indignant look. If Jace had behaved recklessly, he deserved the full length of whatever lecture he was being given. And anyway, Magnus kissed Alexander because he desperately wanted to, not because he was a distraction tool for a thrill-seeker to avoid being held accountable for his actions.

Jace clasped his hands together in prayer form and sent Magnus a look of desperate agony. Magnus rolled his eyes and moved forward.


Alec turned to him, a delighted smile blooming on his face. The moment Magnus was in range, he pulled Alec down into a kiss. Wrapping his arms around Alec’s shoulders, he waved a hand, motioning for Jace to take the chance to disappear. Then he got lost in the mouth of his delectable boyfriend.

They hadn’t been able to text that day as much as they usually did and Magnus had missed Alec. Now he had Alec’s arms wrapped around his waist, and his own arms wrapped around Alec’s broad shoulders. He felt entitled to taking a minute or two to simply enjoy the love of his life.

They were both breathless when they pulled apart.

“Hi,” Alec said, pupils blown in an utterly indecent way. Magnus wanted to drag him away from prying eyes and have his wicked way with him. Several times.

“Hello, darling. How was your day?”

“I literally have no idea,” Alec said without a second’s hesitation. “I forgot everything about it the moment you kissed me.”

Magnus’s breath caught in his throat. Would he ever become used to the way Alexander could utterly unravel him with no more than a few words? How he loved this man.

Darling,” he breathed fervently. Their foreheads were pressed together. “I could try to help you remember.”

“Oh?” Alec asked, feigned confusion doing nothing to hide his amusement. “But how?”

“I have my ways,” Magnus murmured against his mouth.

And they were wrapped up in each other once more.

“Holy shit,” a visiting vampire said, “Are they always like this?”

“Yes,” several people said.

“It’s hard to be heartwarming and sickening at the same time, but those two manage it on a pretty consistent basis,” Luke said.

“I, for one, appreciate it,” Jace said, appearing nearby. “Having Magnus around makes it so much easier to avoid getting lectured.”

He made sure to say it quietly, though, lest Alec hear him.

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