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Drabbles: #3

“I’m Chip.”

She raised an eyebrow and started walking. “I usually make it a rule not to question names, but Chip? Really?”

“Yep. My teeth are my moneymaker,” he said dryly.

She stopped. When she turned to face him, her expression was so suspicious he had to truly consider whether he’d committed a crime.

“Are you implying that your parents named you after Chip Skylark?”

“My parents didn’t name me. My sister named me,” he replied inanely, completely caught off guard by her recognition. He made those jokes all the time and he’d never been called on it before. Most people just looked at him weirdly.

“So, yes, then.” She crossed her arms and eyed him. “But the real question is whether you know the song.”

His expression shifted to the distant, dead-eyed look of a soldier reliving memories of war.

“I know the song.”

She laughed and started walking again. “I want to meet your sister.”

“Which one?” he asked.

She laughed harder. ‘Oh god, another one,’ he thought.

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