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Drabbles: #29

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

“Where are you going?” Cora asked through a mouthful of cereal.

“To the Seelie Court with Stiles,” Derek said, rifling through his drawers.

“Didn’t mom say to stay away from the Fair Folk because they’re dangerous?”

“Yes. But Stiles won’t listen so I have to go with him.”

“Dibs on your room if you die,” Cora said with an obnoxious slurp.

“Get blown, you fucktrumpet.”

“Wow, you really need to stop stealing insults from Stiles.”

Derek’s ears turned red. “Whatever. If I don’t die and my chips are gone when I get back, I’m gonna rip your tongue out of your mouth,” he said, ready to leave.

“If you want your chips, take them with you," Cora replied, brows arched. "Otherwise, I can’t be held responsible."

Derek swiped her bowl as he passed her and drank the last of her cereal milk before shoving it back in her hands.

“I hope you get killed in a really lame way,” she snarled at him.

“Bye, Cora,” Derek said, rolling his eyes. “Don’t tell mom I went to do something stupid with the boy she doesn’t approve of.”

“Fine!” Cora called, “I’ll tell Peter!”

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