• jacydelvecchio

Drabbles: #28

Derek was trying to focus, he really was. Yet every time he managed to pay Laura even a bit of attention, Stiles would catch his eye and smirk at him. That mischievous, challenging look in his eyes made Derek want to pin him up against a wall and ruin him.

Stiles licked his bottom lip. Even knowing he was doing it on purpose did nothing to help Derek drag his gaze away.

“Stiles!” Laura snapped suddenly. They both jerked and looked at her. “Stop teasing my brother so you can both focus!”

Stiles gave her the same wide-eyed look he’d been giving Derek whenever the other man glared at him for being distracting. “I’m not doing anything,” he said.

Laura snorted. “Those innocent bambi eyes might work on him, but they don’t work on me. You’re not as cute as you think you are.”

“I’m goddamn adorable,” Stiles said, affronted.

“You’re a goddamn nuisance is what you are,” Laura retorted.

“Pretty sure those two things aren’t mutually exclusive,” Stiles smirked.

“Maybe we should get back on task,” Boyd said.

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