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Drabbles: 19

Magnus was on Alec's lap. One of Alec's hands had slipped under Magnus's shirt, while the other was buried deeply in his hair, clutching it tightly as he pulled Magnus's head back in order to bite at his neck.

“Fuck, Alexander,” Magnus moaned.

A high-pitched sound of distress jerked their attention away from each other. In an instant, Alec had a seraph blade in his hand while Magnus had a fireball in his. It only took a moment for them to recognize their son.

“Oh, darling, you're home,” Magnus said.

Raphael just continued to stare in disbelief. “On the couch?” he managed to demand in a strangled tone.

“We thought you would be out late today,” Alec said.

“That's not an excuse for defiling our couch!” Raphael exclaimed.

“We'd hardly managed to defile it yet, sweetheart,” Magnus said.

“Wait,” a new voice said, “Your dads were about to bone on your couch?”

Alec and Magnus looked at each other and then at Rafe in complete surprise.

“You brought guests?” Magnus asked.

"Yes, and thank the angel I thought to be afraid of this exact situation.”

"Well, if you thought you might encounter this then I have no idea why you seemed so surprised, sweetheart.” Magnus said.

"Dude, are your dads naked in there?” yet another voice asked.

That finally got Alec to blush.

"We're not naked,” Magnus said. He stood from Alec's lap, ignoring his son’s blatantly judgemental glare at how long it had taken. "Come in.”

Both his son and his boyfriend gave him scandalized looks, but Magnus simply smirked. With a snap of his fingers, he was presentable. Alec, however, he left rumpled and kiss-swollen, which earned him a pair of supremely unimpressed looks. Magnus snickered as Rafe got shoved aside by his friends. Rafe looked between his parents and his friends.

"Dad, at least button your shirt,” he moaned, highly disturbed by some of the glazed expressions he was seeing.

Alec blushed, but shrugged. "Can't. Your papa ripped it open. The buttons are all over the floor.”

There was a moment of silence.

"That's hot,” one of the girls breathed.

"Oh my god,” Rafe lamented.

“Dude, your dads are fine as fuck. No wonder you’re so good looking.”

“I’m adopted and that's literally not how genetics work, but go off, I guess,” Rafe said.

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