• jacydelvecchio

Daily Tarot - 9/8/20

Daily reading: thinking/feeling/doing

Thinking: the empress. “The empress is the creative state, embodied.” I’m starting to link the empress with creativity mainly.

Feeling: seven of wands. “This card signifies that you are defending or protecting yourself, your beliefs, and perhaps others.” “The challenges are real, but they are absolutely surmountable.” Standing my ground. Defending what’s important to me.

Doing: judgement. “This right of passage readies you to progress to the final achievement of this go around your Fool’s journey.” “...represents forgiveness, release, and the celebration of a new life as we rise to a higher calling.”

Whole reading: If I defend my creative intentions against distractions and criticisms, I will rise to a new level of success. Balancing creativity and determination will lead to great success.

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