• jacydelvecchio

Daily Tarot - 8/26/20

Daily read: thinking/feeling/doing

Thinking: knight of pentacles. I was a bit lazy yesterday. I feel like my first two cards are encouraging me to keep working hard instead of allowing myself to get distracted.

Feeling: eight of wands. Once I get through the urges to be lazy. It will refill me with new energy. Or fighting the laziness will give me new energy. Either way, I can’t give up.

Doing: five of cups. Being able to salvage what was lost. I’m pretty sure this is about how upset I get over lost time. When I don’t comply with my schedule and then my timing is off. It doesn’t mean the whole day is ruined. It doesn’t mean I’m a terrible person or a failure for not following my schedule exactly. There’s still the rest of the day. There’s still time left for me to salvage and use appropriately.

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