• jacydelvecchio

Daily Tarot - 8/25/20

Daily read: thinking/feeling/doing

Thinking - the high priestess. I feel like I’ve been getting hints that I need to meditate more often for weeks. I think I’m going to mix meditation and journaling too.

Feeling - six of wands. Being proud of my accomplishments. Both Diva and LP congratulated me on how hard I’m working to better myself. I should allow myself to really feel how far I’ve come and be proud. I tend to look ahead for what to do next instead of really basking in what I’ve completed Or I just get excited that I’ve done enough that I can take a break. I should appreciate my own work more.

Doing - ten of wands. The problem with the ten of wands is that I can’t tell whether it means for me to keep working or take a break. I’m going to keep assuming that ten of wands means work and four of swords means rest. So keep going with my book and social media which is what I was going to be working on today mostly.

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