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Daily Tarot - 8/19/20

Love: ten of swords.

“This cycle is coming to an end helping you with forgiveness and releasing old thought.” I had the realization last night that someone else leaving doesn’t diminish me. I was meditating on it this morning. So I guess that’s a wound that needed to heal that I’m just starting to face today.

Career: ten of wands.

“With strength, persistence, and as much prioritizing and foresight as possible, you will be able to persevere through this moment and enjoy relief and reward on the other side.” Keep pushing through the lack of motivation to complete my book. Even if it’s something difficult, I’m capable of completing what I set out to do.

Spirit: wheel of fortune.

Represents change, new chapters might be beginning. Everything passes, whether good or bad. Nothing lasts forever. I would like for this to mean that I will constantly evolve as I connect more deeply with my inner self and the universe.

Advice: eight of cups.

Battle through my own detachment to form connections.

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