• jacydelvecchio

Daily Tarot - 8/18/20

Card of the highest and greatest good: the tower.

I really feel like I’ve gotten this card recently and there wasn’t a shakeup as promised. Or maybe the shakeup was internal? Maybe this shakeup will be internal too. It’s potentially a tower I created that’s about to come down? A breakthrough? Personal growth? It seems like another internal realization is on the horizon.

Clarification card: seven of pentacles.

One guide says it means to take a break, while another say it means to stay diligent. I don’t know how to feel. Each option elicits different emotions in me haha. Part of me is like ‘thank god I can take a break’ and another part of me is filled with grim determination to keep going even if it hurts.

Advice card: the king of swords.

All about law and order so I guess I’m supposed to stick to my writing schedule.

Whole reading: Planning and diligence can ignite my creative process.

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