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Daily Tarot - 7/31/20

Love/Career/Spirituality Spread

Love: Ten of wands, clarifying card: queen of swords. I get that relationships aren’t easy. I have a lot on my plate but I’m still trying to date in the hope that I’ll find that someone special. However, a lot of my focus is still where it’s always been: my writing. (Also, I spend too much time alone. The cards are really calling me out about that.) (Oh and this was supposed to be family love, but maybe it’s romantic love? Or maybe it is family love?)

Career: Ten of cups. Writing is definitely what makes me happiest, but I might want to try to connect to other writers, too.

Spiritual: Everything is fine/ten of swords. Twice now, the everything is fine card has shown up for me. The first was in a love reading where it showed up in the outward appearance, the second in another love reading where it showed up for me/my energy. Now it’s in the place of my spiritual card. So is it just saying that’s where I’m at right now? But yesterday’s pull was about how I’m evolving I feel like?

I checked the book, and it can be used to replace the ten of swords. And apparently it has the same vibe as death, just specifically about changing negative thought patterns.

Just something that I noticed, all of the cards I pulled today are ten of. And one of each except pentacles. Also love and work have clear skies in their pictures even though ten of wands is burdened, but spirituality is just dark. It was dark yesterday too with Death, but the other cards didn’t have sky. Anyway. Ten symbolizes endings and beginnings so same message of things changing.

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