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Daily Tarot - 7/29/20

The hanged one.

I changed my question from what card should I embrace/embody today, to a request for the card for my highest and greatest good today. It talks about inner peace. Just before I pulled the card I was thinking that maybe I should meditate for an hour today. I like meditating, it just seems like a waste to do it for long periods of time because I’m just sitting still when I could be getting work done. But I’ve always had a problem with that, feeling lazy when I’m not running myself into the ground. Yesterday was the first day in ages that I didn’t write anything at all and I could barely refrain from castigating myself for it. And I still want to even though I’m trying not to. So maybe daily meditation, outside of what I do for tarot, would help me. And in the interest of inner peace, I should probably make moves to find a new therapist. Again.

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