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Daily Tarot - 7/26/20

Eight of wands.

Get up off my ass and do shit today instead of laying around doing nothing.

I feel like the four of swords tried to grab my attention too. And if I'm not wrong, this isn't the first time a card that is seemingly opposite from the one I pulled lowkey nudged me. Maybe I go to extremes too much? Temperance is my shadow card. And I feel like I already knew I was going to pull it. Not necessarily the four of swords. But something against the first card I pulled.

I did a past/present/future spread for my relationship with Luna and got queen of swords, knight of pentacles, and ten of wands? I literally don't know. Our earlier friendship was pretty straightforward if shallow, we met again at work, and we're both going to be struggling in the future so we should support each other?

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