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Daily reading: Eight of swords .

I’ve got the skills I need to get myself out of the situation I’m in. Which is feeling exhausted and bogged down. And it also probably means that I should wash my hair today. All this card means to me is that I need to put at least a little effort into my life today, instead of just doing nothing.

I’m also going to try a let go/grow spread. It’ll be my first larger than one spread so we’ll see how it goes. Maybe I’ll get one of the major arcana.

Let go/Grow Spread

Let go: Knight of cups.

Grow: Four of pentacles.

I think knight of cups means nurture my current friendships and relationships instead of trying to chase new ones. Four of pentacles. Stop hoarding money and freaking out about whether I have enough to survive. I have family and friends enough to help me out of any situation I manage to land myself in. Plus, I’ve already paid my rent until the end of the year and I don’t think I’ve ever had so much in my savings account at one time. Like I’m good. I also think the queen of pentacles was trying to get my attention and I should try to be kind today.

Edit: My tarot readings are going to be backdated, but feel free to comment and share any advice and your own tarot experiences!

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