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Page of cups.

A young artist is about to receive something or someone unexpected that might have to do with love or creativity. Something or someone that’s going to take them on a pretty wild emotional ride. Maybe my dad is going to message me again today.

I think I did better today with meditating (10 mins instead of 5) and concentrating on the question. Which, I feel like I need to come up with a better question.

The guide I read said that the cars should be attuned to me, so I was supposed to wait a week to use them, but I’m too excited about it. Yesterday, I took the knight of swords card to mean that I should be more firm and passionate about my ideas and beliefs.

I realized that whenever I speak with my roommate, I usually listen instead of commenting. But it’s because I already know that we have different ideas of the world and I don’t like arguing all the time. So I’m really not sure what to do with that.

Like one time we were talking about being a nanny (because our other roommate is a nanny) and I was saying that I didn’t think I could do a job like that because I would get too attached to the kids, and she said she didn’t think she could do a job like that because she would start a relationship with the husband with intention. Am I supposed to be willing to convince her to change her mind about things? But we’re both stubborn. Not to mention that the longer we discuss something, the more likely that my roommate will just end the conversation. (I like debating. It's fun and I’m good at it most of the time.)

I guess the only thing I can do today is expect the unexpected and go with the flow.

Edit: My tarot readings are going to be backdated, but feel free to comment and share any advice and your own tarot experiences!

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