No with a giggle means no.

It means 

I’m embarrassed about not wanting to

And I’m nervous you’ll be upset with me

For not wanting to

And I don’t want to ruin things

And maybe if I laugh

You’ll laugh too

And it means 


No (question mark) means no.

It means

I’m not sure if I want to

But I don’t think I do

And it means 

Don’t push me

Because I might give in

And then I’ll regret it later

Maybe for the rest of my life

And it means


Um (dot dot dot) no means no.

It means

I don’t want to

But I don’t know how you’re going to react 

And it means

Maybe if I say it reluctantly

Like I’m not absolutely sure

(Even though I really am absolutely sure)

You won’t feel the need to say yes for me

And it means

Maybe if I pause long enough

I can double check that I can get away

And it means


Unconsciousness means no.

Drunk means no.

High means no.

No means no. 

Any and every variation of no means



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