Can I just say

that I would really

really really really

Like to have my own apartment.



can I just say

I would love

love love love

to be able to afford

my own apartment.

I mean,

I can.


If I don’t plan on

spending money for

public transportation

or health insurance

or paying back

my student loans

or like


I can afford my own apartment

if I’m paying for the apartment alone.

And I really

really really really

don’t understand why

I need at least a year’s experience

for an entry level  job 

that only requires a GED

when I have a bachelor’s degree.

It’s in English, though.

Does that not count?

Because I love

love love love

when people tell me

that I should have majored

in something that would get me

a job with a high salary.

And can I just say

that I understand math and science.

It takes work sometimes,

but I get it.

I just don’t fucking like it.

And I don’t get why

I’m supposed to slave away

at something I don’t even like

just to be able to 

afford shelter

and also live.

Someone explain

why life is so hard.